The XMLOatmeal Project

The XMLOatmeal Project was conceived in 1998 when XML first started becoming popular. The idea came from the realization of a need for some way to automatically bind XML with objects in any language.

The project was to take place in two phases:

*The first phase was to take a DTD and automatically convert it into classes that would generate/read XML based on the DTD. However, lots of other projects were already doing this, like JAXB, etc, so this phase was started but thrown out.

*Phase 2 involved the harder part of taking pre-existing classes and making them transparently serialize/deserialize themselves through XML. This is what XMLOatmeal is today. Running the XMLOatmeal preprocessor on your class files generates extra functions in your code that marshall/unmarshall the objects via XML.

Currently XMLOatmeal is implemented for Java classes and uses the Apache Xerces 2.0 SAX parser for XML parsing.

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